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Which hatchery sells the best black copper marans that lay the darkest eggs? I'm looking for hatcheries and not breeders...they tend to filter their eggs and paint them is there a hatchery better then another
What is your need for dark eggs? Just dark eggs? For show? To add to your egg basket? All fine wants ... I enjoy the dark eggs myself. Do you want the genetics in order to get olive eggers?

I generally hear that it’s hard to find really dark layers, even from breeders. So, you might want to treat this as a longer endeavor. Buy many to keep the darkest layers, for example. Go to some local shows bc they will often showcase the dark eggs in addition to the eggs. Maybe you can get eggs or chicks from those people.

as far as hatcheries, you can get some dark layers. However all dark layers begin dark and lighten up over the season. Still darker than usual eggs.

the only place I’ve gotten BCM from is Sandhill Preservation. They have laid some pretty dark eggs. But, they did lighten up over their first season. I’ll see if I can find a pic of the first eggs.

hopefully you’ll find a good source.
Unfortunately I can't help you.....but I am curious about what you mean about people painting their eggs? Do elaborate, I'd love to hear more. I hadn't heard about that before.

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