black dots on roosters comb?

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    Aug 8, 2010
    hi everyone and thank you for helping me. i woke up yesterday and my rooster has black dots on his comb. it has been almost 3 weeks since we put 3 new 3 month old chicks in with them. i have seen no fighting with him with them ever but he does fight the other hens to protect them. the new hens have black combs too but the black is starting to go away so i think its just bruises from the pecking order. but the dots on rocky the rhode island red roosters comb doesn't make sense is it scabs from fighting with the hens? heres some pics thanks!!!

    they're kinda hard to see sorry. ( he isn't the best runway model [​IMG] ) p.s. there are no other roosters so he doesn't fight with another roo.




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    Pretty sure it's scabs from scrapping with the others. Mine had the same thing, and finally I got a hold of one and tried rubbing it off, and it bled, so after that, I left it alone.
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