Black East Indies ducklings FS in Ohio Pickup only

4-H chicken mom

15 Years
Aug 3, 2007
Oberlin, OH
I have these 7 Four wk old BEI ducklings, that I hatched, for sale for $7.00 ea, must be willing to take at least two. Sorry I cannot ship.
They are starting to get their green feathers in.


The only reason I am parting with them is because I let one of our BEI ducks sit on her own nest of 11 eggs. I figured the eggs weren't going to do anything because she was constantly getting off the nest for long periods. I didn't candle them to see if anything was happening when all of a sudden all 11 of them hatched. So now I have way to many ducks and can't keep them all and since I don't have the heart to take hers away right now, I have to find homes for the ones I hatched. Payment can be made upon pickup.

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