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    Aug 23, 2015
    Anyone who has some advise on this issue, that would be great. We have a white crested black polish hen that will not go in the coop. We have caught her and put her in there, but most of the time she will fly 10ft to nest in a tree!
    It was fine in summer, but last night she got pelted by a hail storm and was very cold this morning.
    We're going to attempt to clip one of her wings because she's just such a flyer.
    Now here's the problem, I know which flight feathers to clip, and to stay away from the blood in the shafts, but what do you do when the feather shafts are black and can't see any blood?? Is there a general length you cut down to??
    Thanks for the help!

  2. nchls school

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    Apr 22, 2015
    If the hen is well away from molting bloodfeathers should not be an issue; bloodfeathers are when new feathers are growing in. Of course, a new feather could be growing in at any time. Flight feathers are less likely to be growing in outside the molt. Bloodfeathers also have the sheathing on them where the feather is growing out from the body. Even if you do cut a bloodfeather the bird is in no danger-just staunch the flow with some flour/cornstarch.
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    The key in clipping the flight feathers blood-lessly (is that even a word) is not to clip back further than the second row of small feathers when the wing is extended
    If there is any blood, however, you can stop it with some cornstarch.
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    Nice illustration!

    .......and if the cornstarch doesn't staunch the flow of blood, fully pluck the feather out.

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