Black Francolin

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    Those are AWESOME!!
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    That is so pretty!!

    Are you raising these for fun? Meat? Eggs??

    Never heard of these before (thanks wiki!) - and your pictures are soooo much better than the one on there!

    The Black Francolin, Francolinus francolinus, is a gamebird in the pheasant family Phasianidae of the order Galliformes, gallinaceous birds.

    It is one of the few francolins to have a range outside Africa. It is a resident breeder from Kashmir, Cyprus and south-eastern Turkey eastwards through Iran to southwest Turkmenistan and northeast India. Its range was formerly more extensive, but over-hunting has reduced its distribution and numbers. There have been a number of introductions, but most have failed to take root although some populations still persist in the USA and elsewhere.

    This bird is found in scrubby habitats with plenty of low cover and cultivation. It nests in a bare ground scrape laying 8-18 white-spotted pale brown/greenish eggs. Black Francolin take a wide variety of plant and insect food.

    The Grey Partridge-sized male is mainly black, with white spotting on the back and flanks. It has a chestnut neck collar, white cheek patches and brown wings. The legs are red. The female is mainly brown, but has a chestnut hind neck. The extent of the white spotting on the flanks varies substantially across the species' range and the depth of colour of the females similarly varies.

    This is a very unobstrusive species, best seen in spring when the male sings a mechanical kik-kik-kik from a mound. The male's territorial/advertising call is a loud and grating kwee-kweeeee-kwee. It has a Pheasant's explosive flight, but prefers to creep away unseen.​
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    Quote:We raise them for fun. They would be a little expensive for meat or eggs.
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    Thanks for posting, I had seen erkles but never blacks. They are deffinatly more attractive than their name suggests.
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    How do you find all your beautiful birds? do you research them before you buy or is it impluse? I would love to be surrounded by your exotic flock!
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    Oct 9, 2010
    Do you have Black F. or their eggs for sale?
    I'm dyeing to have that birds![​IMG]
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    how much would a pair cost? those are awesoome!!!!
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    Quote:We do not have any for sale right now.
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    Quote:We do not have any for sale right now.

    Are they pheasants? They are BEAUTIFUL!!

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