Black-from-Paint Showgirl Cockerel

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    We have a pretty little breeder quality Black-from-Paint showgirl cockerel available for immediate purchase. He is 8 months old, heterozygous for NN (bowtied), and is very gentle with his girls. He has excellent dark skin and beak color and really great feet an compact body type. He has proven himself quite good at fertilization, and is nice to chicks. He would like his own bantam flock.

    Shipping for this guy will be $65, to anywhere in the lower 48 U.S.

    This is an AUCTION listing. Please post your bid in the comments. Please make bids in $5 increments. Bidding begins at $20.

    The auction will close on Febuary 11th. The winner will be PM'd with their total, and payment can be sent then. A box will then be ordered for your bird (we don't sell enough adult birds to keep these boxes on hand, but they usually arrive within a few days), and he will ship as soon as it arrives, via Express Mail.

    We always include juicy fruit for our birds to hydrate with on their journey, and will not ship until temperatures between you and we are relitavely hospitable. We have never lost a bird in transit.

    Feel free to PM with any questions.
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    Did this cockerel sell?

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