Black Giant Jersey and Araucana Hatch-a-Long

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    Mar 23, 2013
    Hi! I'm new to the whole incubating and hatching processes, but I have done my research in hatching chicks and have probably seen every video of chicks, quail and turkey hatching on YouTube. So to start and give a little bit of background info, I got my Giants back in March, and they are now fully grown. The hens have been laying since this summer. I originally had six Giants, but a fox ate one of the roosters and two of the hens. So, I was left with two hens (Abigail and Annabelle) and a rooster (Luckless). Unfortunately, Abigail has stopped laying and had pretty much turned into a rooster, because she has tried to breed one of the other hens. Along with them, I had bought three white Silkies. Two of them turned out to be roosters (Jack and Jimmy), who both got eaten by the fox (my chickens are free range) and then a hen. Her name is Ariel and seriously one of the sweetest chickens that was put on this earth. She follows me around, and so I pick her up (doesn't run away when I do so) and plop her on my shoulder where she sits there when I feed the other chickens. She likes to be the boss, except when the roosters come around, and that's why we keep her in a separate stall, they like to beat her up. She probably thinks she is a human. Over the summer, I bought six Araucanas, but four of them were taken by the fox. The two that were left were a leopard pattern like hen, (Cedar) and a colorful black rooster (Dante). Cedar is a sweet heart, although she keeps to herself and sometimes follows "The Teenagers" around. "The Teenagers" are of course teenage chickens, but they are all roosters. Yes. I bought four more Araucana's when I lost the other four, and they all turned out to be roosters. But they are the prettiest birds I have ever seen. There is Redneck (literally has a red neck, and he didn't have that when he was baby), Hick (he's black kinda like Dante), Chugga (lighter chestnut color), and Arctic (all white with brown speckles). I named Arctic in memory of my favorite chicken that was eaten by the fox. He looked just like Arctic, but his name was Alaska. I am going to put them up for sale on here, except for Arctic. Now, back to where I was coming from, I collected four eggs 23 days ago. Two of Annabelle's, and two of Cedars. One of Annabelle's hatched, with a little help from me from watching a YouTube video, even though she probably didn't need it. I named her Kiara. The other egg Annabelle laid never developed. One of Cedar's eggs was supposed to hatch on Saturday, but it still has been wiggling and rolling around, although I don't think it has made any peeping noises yet. I'm not sure if it is stuck or something, because it has been two days since the hatch date, and it hasn't made a hole yet. The other baby is due tomorrow, and has been wiggling around like a maniac, although hasn't made any peeping noises either. I'm not sure whether I should help the other baby or not... I'll keep you guys updated.

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