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    so I bought some fertile egg from the breed Icelandic hen. so this cute just hatch, I think he's a boy because his legs are so thick, but anyway, I was wondering, he's black and white, will he be in the color cuckoo or will he be different color?
    I own cuckoo marans hens so I suppose he's not going to be cuckoo because the cuckoo marans are always more black than that, but I hope he is cuckoo tho.

    so maybe he will be more white with black dots?

    but I hope he be more black because I want black hen or a rooster to my Icelandic flock

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    The thing about Icelandic's is that they are a mix of a lot of things color and breed wise.
    If you don't know already, they were propagated from flocks brought in and left by the vikings. This breed wasn't developed with regard to standards of color or type. They were bred to "thrive on neglect" as the saying goes.

    With that in mind, the color of chicks is unpredictable until they feather out because there's no telling what's in them.

    However, I would not be surprised if that chick turns out to be mottled in some way, shape or form.

    It is certainly not cuckoo, however.

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