black inky poo, no eggs

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    our three chickens are new to us, we've had them for almost two months. Until this past week we were getting three eggs every day. starting this week they have given 1 or none every day. It's been below zero here and I would figure that the cold was the culprit, but their water isn't freezing and I have also noticed that some of the poop is jelly like and inky black. Also, the coop has started smelling more like a pig sty than a chicken coop.

    Any one have any ideas? I haven't noticed any other strange behaviors. If it wasn't for the weird poo I'd figure it was just the cold.

    thanks for your consideration.

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    I just realized there is a bit more info I could give that might help.

    we have a rhode island red, barred plymoth rock, and black sex link. They all look fat and healthy to my eye.

    The other thing that I should have mentioned is that previously we just had hay on the floor for bedding, about two weeks ago I added a lot of wood shavings from the local highschool wood shop.

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    Mar 19, 2007
    I hope somebody comes along and answers your question because I was about to ask the same thing. I have just noticed that some of my chickens are having tar black stools and I know they have not been laying for the last month or two and some of them just have not even come into laying time yet and may not till spring but was just wondering about this blackness that has just all of the sudden appeared. I can't even blame mine on the cold though because we are in northern Florida.

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