black jersey giant found dead in the morning...

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    Sep 25, 2011
    we originally had three big girlies , then at one point added two who were younger, one of them died when a predator got it, and then the remaining wyandotte was found two weeks later flipped onto her back dead. i had a similar reoccurence today. my three big girls who are all about a year old are still around, they are an amerecauna, barred rock and a rhode island red. we also have one girl we just started laying, she is an amerecauna who is very shy. we also have three girls who are about 3 and a half months old. a black jersey giant, barnevelder, and a speckled sussex. they all seemed to be doing well until yesterday. i went down to the coop and my beautifu jersey giant was laying oddly on the ground beneath their water container. her wings were drooping and she is usually quite the active chicken already larger and more authorotative then her elders. i brought her up into the chicken much to the distaste of my dogs and cats who had to be put in their kennes. i laid her (roxy is her name) on a towel and put a bowl of water in front of her. i got her to drink some and then tried to get her to eat. she even denied her favorite table scraps! she seemed like she wanted to sleep so i wrapped her up in a towel and let her be for a little while. after a while i got her to drink more water then i put in back in the coop up away from the other girls who would have pecked at her. i put her in a litter box filled with bedding to make it comfortable. it was warm inside the coop but not too hot and i offered her more food. it was getting late so i left. when i went back in the morning the first thing i saw was that she was drooped over the sides of the box, wings splayed and head dropped dead. what has caused this? any ideas? she seemed find up till yesterday except from a very small bald spot at the base of her neck . i have six chickens who still need to be cared for any no clue. i panicked when i saw her and ran from the coop, i know i should take her out but im slightly afraid. what is this? how can i prevent my other girlies from getting whatever it was? thanks for the help!
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    Dont know. But I sure wish that you find an answer to your problem. I would clean the coop with bleach to kill all germs though and maybe put electrolytes in there water to help them stay not sick.[​IMG]
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    I am so sorry your chicken died. There are so many things it could be. If anyone else gets sick, make a list of all the symptoms to help make a diagnosis.


    And now.....IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU BUCK UP AND GET SOME COURAGE. YOU CAN NOT LEAVE THAT DEAD CHICKEN IN THE COOP!!!! Nothing at all to be afraid of....were you afraid of her yesterday when you picked her up to care for her?? just pick her up and put her in a bag or something. If you can't touch her, use gloves or a shovel. Leaving her there will cause a boat load of problems!! Other chickens may peck at her. Even if she didn't die from a contagious disease, leaving her in the coop can cause diseases.

    You can do it.
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    We had similar symptoms in a bird yesterday - one of a flock of 8, and she's the only one so far showing signs. Hid under the waterer, laying on one side, feathers all fluffed up, and we'd had a hot day so we thought she was suffering from the heat, so brought her inside and she wouldn't stand up. Wouldn't drink, nor eat anything. Her wings hung limply by her side. This morning, she was a bit more alert, and standing, but not walking. I took her outside to the 'quarantine' chicken tractor, and she just stood there for about 20 minutes, then lay down and feathers still all fluffed. She hasn't moved from that spot.
    Yesterday, when hubby gathered the chickens up to bring them back to the coop, he picked her up, b/c she wouldn't return to the coop on her own. He said her body felt cool to the touch. That is definitely unusual. So I thought that's why her feathers were all fluffed.
    LSS, we looked online this morning and she is showing several symptoms of avian flu. We think your chicken my have had it too based on your post - you might want to contact your local Extension office or USDA office and ask for help. If one chicken has it, the potential for your entire flock to become ill is very high.
    Here is the link to the article we read this a.m.

    Good luck.
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    I am so sorry for the loss of your Jersey Giant. I have a JG hen, Parsley, that I love so much....I know how wonderful the birds are. Please don't freak out over handling your birds' bodies. It is a must if you keep chickens that you will have to dispose of their bodies when they pass. Just like the poster above...think of the illnesses you will be preventing your remaining flock when you remove her body as soon as possible. I see, that another poster lost her hen with very similar symptoms so it is vital that you keep your remaining chickens healthy by immediately removing sources of disease, including the bodies of the taken.

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