Black Jersey Giant hen X NN and black NN hens X Light Brahma?

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  1. Hi!
    I have black Jersey Giant hens that have no mate.
    I have a Light Brahma roo that has no mate.
    What color might their chicks be?

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  2. Frozen Feathers

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    My guess would be black. It's dominant. You might see some white/Silver lacing, but I would think it'd be sporadic (see picture below).

    Of course I'm just going by this one hatch I had from my Jap hen and three different fathers. [​IMG] All the chicks that my black Jap hatched were black, some had silver in their feathers, their father is the Phoenix. Some where solid black, their father was a black Silkie and some looked like a typical Jap chick (with the white on the belly) and then feathered out totally black, their dad was a black Jap.
    I still have the Phoenix/Jap X and this is what he's turning out to look like.
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    Black (E) is the dominant allele, so even though your light brahma's are Columbian (Co), they will most likely be black. Co is an incomplete dominant, but has no affect on E. However, if you were to cross any of the resulting males back to the hens, you would probably end up with all sorts of colors, including Co.
  4. Hmmm, thanks Angie and Bliss.
    I think I'll skip that pairing and go straight to...
    "The Vulture Project" --- great biiiig dark-skinned naked neck birds [​IMG]
    I'll go ahead and put the LB roo with a couple of nice size dark-skinned F1 Naked Neck x Silkie hens.
    I have a blue hen and a black hen that I'd been saving for this project (of course, they aren't anywhere near the size of the LB roo).
    That pairing should give me a few big dark-skinned blue and/or blacks to work with.

    I have to chose between a NN blue and a NN splash cockerel to put with the Jersey Giant hens --- both are dark-skinned and [(Naked x Silkie) X Ameraucana].

    I'll get pics of the cockerels tomorrow and maybe some of you can help me figure which of the boys would be best (and don't say neither, lol!).

    The blue NN boy has darker skin but has a good bit of leaky red. The splash NN boy is a little larger, but has a yellowish head.

    I'm excited!! I'd been looking for Jersey Giants for this project for a while! In, fact so long when I finally got them I didn't remember 'why I wanted them'!
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    Lisa, I LOVE your PROJECTS! [​IMG] It all sounds very interesting......pleeze keep us posted. Spring is coming; teehee
  6. Thanks Carole, I enjoy them, too [​IMG]
    I hatched boatloads of chicks from the [(Naked Neck x Silkie) X Ameraucana] cross and got only 2 cockerels that are possibles to use for the next generation.
    I had 3 nice pullets from the cross (blue, black and dark-skinned), but lost them (and most of all the other pullets in that age group to dogs that dug under the fence).

    Here are the 2 boys that I have to chose from:


    (he's not rumpless, he had a run-in with a feather-eating pullet that turned cannibalistic.)

    Since dark skin is one of the qualities I'm most interested in passing on, the blue/red guy would be the obvious choice, right?
    The splash guy is bigger (and size does matter), but he is lighter-skinned.
    Any constructive input is welcome.
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    They look like this. [​IMG]

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