Black Jersey Giant Roo's Local pick up only

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    May 26, 2009
    I have 2 BIG Jersey roo's that need new homes! They are about 16 months old. They are nice guys, will eat treats from our hands and I have no aggression problems from them. They free range with the flock and pretty much mind their own business when people are around. My young children can hand feed them and they have NEVER shown any aggression or attitude.

    Lately the two boys (who grew up together with our 2 other JG roo's) have been getting into it with my Splash roo. The splash is the one causing the trouble (he has an attitude we are working on, but he's not for sale/re-homing), the black JG's I have NEVER seen or heard causing any trouble. I have more chicks in the brooder, and surely some will be roo's, so I have decided to let the 2 black roo's go. They are really nice guys, weigh at least 14-15 pounds each and have yellow on the bottoms of their feet. Have gotten chiks from them as well.
    For those who might want to know, their combs are not perfect as far as SOP standards go- to few or too many points, both off by 2 or 3 either way.
    I am looking to find them a good home, hopefully not to be dinner, but that is your choice. I have them listed on CL for $20 each or both for 30, but I am VERY flexible on price as these guys need a new flock! Would LOVE to see them with a fellow BYC'er! I cant ship, but am willing to drive to deliver in the Auburn, Grass Valley, Roseville areas.

    Here are a few pics, there are 2 pics of the same roo with the other chickens, and then the one out in the pasture is his 'brother'

    You can see the tail better in this pic

    Akward pose, getting ready to crow- same roo as first pic

    Out in the pasture

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