Black Langshans-Harvey Noel lines

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    Didn't know where to ask this,but this place seems appropriate. Last year we was firtunate enough to talk Harvey Noel out of 30 Black Langshan eggs from his First place Asiatic Class pen winners from Ohio.We hatched 28 chicks and now have culled them down to 4 excellent hens and 3-4 of the best looking roosters according to the breed standard. This weekend we will put the roos and the hens together and do fertility checks on the eggs.We may hatch out 10 of our own,but is there any interest in people wanting feryile eggs from this line? If so we can save them after fertility has been checked and offer them.They are GREAT looking birds so far,,
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    Personally speaking, what I would do if I were you is to hatch all the eggs you possibly can the first year. This ensures that you will be able to continue the line past the birds you have now, should something unforeseen happen. (Dogs, disease, random death.)

    You will be able to cull alot of birds and will be able to sell those at auctions, etc. but having learned this myself, it is best to keep what you need first to continue with the breed and then sell to those who are interested. I would hatch out far more than 10 chicks as you do not know what sex the chicks will be until they hatch, several might not hatch/develop all the way and MANY will not be what you are wanting in future breeder birds.

    Congrats on getting into Langshans! They are addicting!!!

    Please join us on the Langshan thread! We would LOVE to see your birds!

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