Black Lavender Split Cockeral W36

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    1 Black Lavender Split Cockerel #W36

    He is under a year old. He has beautiful coloring. He is a nice boy. The only reason I am not keeping him is I have 3 now and have no use for him. His comb has a tad bit of red in it. Want to find a home that can use him. He is very friendly and likes to be petted. Sorry for the dirt on his feet but we have had a tremendous amount of rain and they had to look for worms. lol
    Pictures are not great as it makes him look blue and he is silver.

    He has black skin, dark eyes, you can see his toe spacing and feathering on his feet in the picture. .

    I will make sure he is clean, dusted, nails done and wormed.

    I will ship as long as weather on both ends are permissible.

    Shipping is $65.00 EXPRESS MAIL (If you want to send me a box that is ok..then take $10 off shipping)
    (this includes box with filters, express mail)

    Upon auction close please PayPal [email protected] to make payment.

    I will accept POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY if sending a money order.

    If you have any questions please email or pm me. I am not usually on over the weekend so if you message me I will answer on monday. Except for July 5th I am off for holiday. So will answer on Tuesday.

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    [​IMG] green silkies
  3. cjexotic

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    Quote:yup yup new color lol have to fix them. did not look like that when I was cropping them I must have hit something. lol thanks for letting me know. I hurried and put these auctions on and did not look. sorry.
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    I have to ask- what causes his seal-point coloring? I thought lavender had ZERO effect when in a split- I have multiple lavender breeds and the black splits look black. I adore the Siamese look here, though- what causes it?

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