Black Lavender Split Show Girl Rooster (very nice!) NY/ship


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Dec 16, 2008
Due to increased problems with my back I am unfortunately going to have to lighten my work load and sell off some of my flocks and breeder birds.

For your consideration is this handsome black lav split Show Girl Rooster. (confirmed lav split as he has sired lav babies when bred with full lav hens). He is just going on 2 years of age (see spur in foot pic) and comes from a SQ blk SG hen and my original lav roo from Bren pics available if you want or go look at past auctions. he just finished molting a few months back and has a few pinfeathers in crest still. He has a vaulted scull and nice big crest. Nice sized mulberry comb again he is 2 years old. I have been retaining him for a Show Girl lav project after confirming his recessive lav gene but did not have enough full lav hens to devote to him so he has been in the bachelor pen. He is my only SG lav split at this time and can be used for either full black (he has no leakage and is a nice solid black throughout) or can be a wonderful breeder for lav SG.

Pics taken today he will ship out express weather permitting on both ends for $50 I can add a greyish splitlav hen (just about a year old and also confirmed lav split) similar to the one in my other auction for additional $100. can not ship to Ohio!



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Feb 26, 2011
las vegas
really nice wish i had the money. i cant wait to see the chicks i got from you they are already looking good and seeing these makes me happy, knowing what i got and how they could turn out. thank you susan for everything. hope you feel better.who ever gets these will be very happy trust me i know

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