Black Maran copper eggs for sale 10


10 Years
Jan 6, 2010
north west iowa
My Black coppers in this pen are from some of Revolutions mama's last eggs. The roo is one I raised . He was sired by a blue copper from Prathers on these hens. So this is the best Black copper son, back on his mom and her hatch mates. These are nice big eggs mostly extra large , but have lightened a bit. These hens layed at 5 months to the week. The pullets from these gals first hatch have been laying 2.5 months and they are laying just as dark as thier moms. They would be the sisters to the roo. I have 10 to ship I will take paypal only.(may be more this after noon, but not a for sure thing)
Black coppers are 3 rows on the left. next 2 rows are welsummers, the last 2 rows are blue copper, blue splash and black coppers covered with a blue splash roo. I have hatched 40 or so from this pen, . My pay pal is [email protected]. I bubble wrap each egg and then pack in more bubble wrap. These will go out Tuesday if I get paypaled before 7 am when I leave for work. Thanks

Chick from previous hatch.
I will take a pic of the eggs that will ship tonight. They have lightend , but still laying well, and have reports of good hatches from my shipped eggs. The color has come back a bit . The high 90s we had last week really knocked the color out.These have layed very dark and thier daughters are really laying dark , 2.5 months into lay. These have been in lay since mid jan. There are 4 hens in the pen, and I get from 2 to 4 eggs a day, most of the time 3 or 4.
these are the eggs that shipped on 5/18.\\[/img] This pic was with flash. I am no pro, but do not want to misrespresent color either. I will continue to sell as long as I have eggs and the weather stays cool, but it won,t be long until its to hot to ship. Get them soon or wait until fall.

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