Black Maran copper eggs for sale 6 plus

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    Jan 6, 2010
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    I set these in Mahonri's Easter hatch. My Black coppers in this pen are from some of Revolutions mama's last eggs. The roo is one I raised . He was sired by a blue copper from Prathers on these hens. These are nice dark eggs, but have lightend a bit. These hens layed at 5 months to the week. The pullets from these gals first hatch just started laying and they are laying just as dark as thier moms. They would be the sisters to the roo. I have 6 plus to ship I will take paypal only.
    Black coppers are 3 rows on the left. next 2 rows are welsummers, the last 2 rows are blue copper, blue splash and black coppers covered with a blue splash roo. I have hatched 20 or so from this pen, and have 20 in th easter hatch and the week after . My pay pal is [email protected]. I bubble wrap each egg and then pack in more bubble wrap. These will fo out Saturday if I get paypaled before 9 am. Thanks
    Chick from last fridays hatch I will update eggs number tommorrow. The storms have messed thier schedule up a bit.

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