Black marks on comb? Favus? *pics*


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Feb 8, 2011

She's fairly new and a bit skittish sorry I couldn't get closer. She is was vaccinated for pox and a few other things. I have experience with fowl pox and I am confident this is not that.
Some background she JUST started laying. she's about 9 mos. She is acting normal, drinking and eating. It has been CRAZY hot in the last few weeks, very weird weather. It was over 100 degrees most of the days and then in between overcast gloomy skies. The nosey hen to the left is the dominant one & she does pick on her from time to time mostly just chases but there is occasional pecking at first I was thinking it was a scab from getting pecked but it doesn't look like that it is not raised and almost looks like a small tar stain or I thought somehow she got poo on her comb.
I was looking in to favus because that's the only input I'm finding but almost all those pics/posts talk about white powdery/flakey stuff...I don't see that at all or is this maybe just the beginning and that is coming later?
Also I thought favus was from humid conditions like swamp like areas. I'm in Souther Calif and it really is pretty dry, lately its been higher humidity though. When people say humid I am thinking like Florida or very tropical places.

Anybody with some experience with this?
BTW I LOVE this forum you helped me save my girl from fowl pox and I am so grateful for all the knowledge/experience available here, it is much better than any vet I have been to!

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