Black Minorca rooster crossed with RIR hens

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    Mar 16, 2015
    I got hold of a few Black Minorca (BM) hatch-able eggs and after hatching got around 6 pullets and 2 cockerels. At that time I also hatched Rhode Island Red (RIR) eggs as well and got around 25 pullets and 8 cockerels. As they grew RIR roosters started bullying BM roosters and as I had paid quite a handsome amount in acquiring the BM hatch-able eggs, therefore, I sold all RIR roosters. At the age of 5 months, there were 2 BM roosters, 4 BM hens and 20 RIR hens. All started laying after crossing 6 months of age. RIR were laying dark brown to light brown eggs of around 55 gms; whereas BM were laying a bit greyish-white or one may call chalk-white looking eggs of 55 gms. Later the size increased and I was getting around 60 to 65 gms eggs.

    As my two roosters were very healthy and active, therefore, I hatched eggs so acquired of both RIR (33 eggs) and BM (15 eggs) having being crossed by BM rooster. The results for me were stunning:-

    From RIR eggs, I got 11 white chicks with one or two black spot on wings or almost pure white without any spot and all having fair pinkish toes; and around 17 black to dark brown (almost black) chicks with complete dark black toes. As per my observation, all white are cockerels and all black are pullets [​IMG].

    From BM eggs, I got 2 BM cockerels and 7 pullets. Their down was Black from top and white from bottom and having legs of black colour and end of toes of slightly fair pinkish to yellowish like any Black Minorca chick would be.

    Can any body confirm the same results? Can any one comment how would they turn out to be on maturity in appearance? I was woundering if Minorca crossed RIR chicks would have similar ear lobs like Minorca?[​IMG]

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