black mold in waterers


Sep 24, 2020
Black mold in ACV waterers! If you are adding ACV to your waterer you will get mold by virtue of the sugar content.
Put ACV water in a glass dish separate from 3-5 gal. waterer. Really, there is no need for anything more than 3 gals. of water, unless you have many chickens to water, as you must even with plain water, wash and clean the the container weekly, lest you get mold build up, it is NOT in a sterile environment. I use a mild bleach solution to soak and clean the container every week, just be EXTRA certain to rinse, re-rinse, and rinse again, before final filling, you don't want your girls drinking bleach water. And by the way, even with my methods, mold will start to grow after a week or longer in a plastic container.

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