Black Neck Feathers on Buff Orpington Chicks?


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Jul 16, 2016
Carlisle MA
My 2 week old BO's have weird spiky black feathers under their fluff, on their neck. Its very hard to take a picture of it on the right angle, so ill just describe it. On the chicks' necks, there is a row of spiky, black feathers, kind of like a liberty style mohawk (search it).it's hidden under the chicks fluff, but if you kind of part the fluff, you will see the feathers. When I look at grownup BO's, they don't have any visible black neck feathers. wondering if maybe we got a different breed, or is this just how Buff Orpington Chicks look like?
Could they just be blood feathers? When feathers are first growing in they're protected by a sheath and have a blood supply, and when they're just starting to come in the blood in the sheath can make them appear dark.

If that's not the case, you're right, buff orps shouldn't have black feathers, and it's possible in that case that yours are crosses and not purebred.
They're probably blood feathers. Thanks for the reply

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