Black Orpington/Light Sussex Rooster, 13 weeks

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    Apr 19, 2010
    Tacoma, WA
    Exhibition black Orpington X Light Sussex, beautiful iridescent coloring and HUGE. At 13 weeks he is just about as big as his mama hen, our Light Sussex. He was hatched in our home and lovingly raised, but not babied. This handsome boy is very gentle with everyone in our family, gets along splendidly with his hatch mates and our older hens. Although he does still occasionally take treats from our hand, we have left him to free range in our yard independently during the day.
    City codes prohibit roosters or I'd be keeping him. Would prefer a pet home as this boy has never shown any meanness and could be an excellent addition to a small flock.
    No shipping. Pick-up only. We're in the Tacoma/Lakewood, WA area. There is a possibility I could meet you halfway if you're within an hour or so of our home.




    At 7 weeks -

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