Black Orpington Rooster (5 Months +/- ) - FOR TRADE

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  1. ichoudhury

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    Jan 3, 2011
    Stone Mountain
    I purchased the eggs from Ebay (He stated those eggs are from HinkJ line) June 2nd of this year when they hatched. I have not taken a recent picture but email me at (ichoudhury 007 @ gmail com ) if you like a recent photo.

    In fact, I might have 2 rooster for trade as the second Hen appears to be crowing too [​IMG] .. They are huge and I've been feeding them nothing but organic food. (I thought I was going to get some organic Eggs :p)

    I would prefer Orpington but will consider other as well. I live in Georgia, so Shipping is not an option, I will have to meet you half way to trade. (I am not oppose to Bantam but mine are Large Fowl)

    I am unable to respond for some reason (Could be due to I'm using Chrome Browser). At any rate, feel free to email me at

    ichoudhury007 @ g mail . com

    Thank you
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  2. micayc

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    Jul 31, 2010
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    I would trade a lemon, but can not drive that far. [​IMG]

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