black patterned yellow/gold columbian

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    i was playing around the kippenjungle chicken color calculator ( ) because i am trying to figure out what kind of rooster i want to get for my cochin girls... i was thinking blue mottled but now i am thinking maybe i will just get a mille fleur so i can breed my new mille fleur pullet in the spring. well i have a columbian cochin pullet as well and i put that cross in and it came up with a color i've never heard of... "black patterned yellow/gold columbian"

    i am wondering what this would look like... does anyone have a bird from this type of crossing? i did a google search and came up with nothing! [​IMG]

    please let me know if you have any info on this. i am intrigued [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    better google on yellow/golden, that's what the cc prints.

    meant is an impure silver S/s+ which can look more brassy than silver. The picture is a bit dark in the spectrum.

    The "golden" effect is best on duckwing pattern.

    The golden effect on columbian is shown here:

    top of page: vorwerk
    bottom of page: japanese frizzled

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    I have done the gold/silver cross, I can send pictures if you want to see them in Columbian patterened, just let me know

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