Black Polish Roo


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Nov 27, 2008
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How about this guy?
Wow where did he come from.

I have 2 solid black polish hens and a GL polish roo that I bought as chicks this spring from TSC. I have been wondering about them, I didn't think polish were solid black. Thanks for posting this.

By the way. Those two black hens and the golden laced rooster are for sale as a trio only if anyone in Ga. is interested in buying them and picking them up. I am in Alapaha Ga. I'll try to get pics of them later.
Someone dropped him and another roo just like him at my house.

The existing roos chased him and his brother to the neighbors. Do you think he is pure bred? I know he is beautiful even if he is a mix.
Well, now just because it looks like one doesn't make it one. You really can breed a black Polish as well but I am not sure they would breed true (someone on ebay told me that they bred a golden Polish with some other color Polish and all the babies were black). I think you would have to hatch out a few to be sure if they were crevecoeur.
Well he's got the double comb that looks like horns. Pretty sure that's what he is looking at every pic of them that I can find.
Polish have the double horns on their combs as well.
Edited to say: I am really not sure there is a lot of difference between crevecoeur and Polish, not that I can see anyway.
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The only difference I see is that crevecoeurs actually come in a black. I know there has probably been black polish created by now. But if he was a Golden laced bred to another variety, you would certainly think he would have gold leaking in his hackles.
self black polish can be created in a few different ways, but generally the males take a few generations to become solid black. I used to have some but quit breeding them. the main difference between a black polish and a crevecouer is crevecouers have red earlobes and polish have white. there's also size and a slightly different bodytype.

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