Black poo~1 girl not acting right

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    Hello,I have 3 wyondottes(2 1/2 yrs old) 4 RIR's (8 months old) All of them females,very healthy,happy and spoiled.This AM when I went to feed them breakfast and let them out to play.I noticed BLACK poo on the floor.About 4 different places,not runny and not a "dropping" like normal.It appears like sludge.1 of my RIR babies is not acting right,she seems to be staying by herself.Usually they all run up n greet you,waiting for treats,fly onto your shoulders etc..She didnt have any visible injuries other than "quiet n reserved.".This evening when it was tme to come in,all of them came running except her,she stayed out in the play yard despite all the normal attempts to get her in.Nothing new in the diet,no new feed,surrounding...nothing has changes. Other than the weather getting cold,our coop is very insulated n secure....All the other ones seem fine and "normal~happy selves"..Any ideas? Is black poo normal? Anything I should be looking for? do? watching for? Any help~advice is greatly appreciated..We just lost our 16 yr old retriever n cant handle another loss.Thanks for your help.
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    I'm afraid I don't have an answer, just [​IMG] to you. Have they been wormed? The off one, what is she doing exactly?

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