Black quail toes!?

Jen F

8 Years
Feb 24, 2011
Western/ Central KY
Well I am no quail expert, but I love hearing them so I decided to get some to hatch and keep around or maybe let some go also... I have got a plot fixed with some seed that I got from a friend that is in quail unlimited.
Anyways... I have about 19 bob white quail that are about 4 weeks old. I noticed thata 3 have 1 to several black shriveled-up toes. I am a nurse and the toes that I've seen like that were from vascular disease. I have no idea about young quail. They are outside now in a small pen, but were inside when this started.
Any similar stories or opinions are much appreciated.

I previously posted this in "Quail", but decided I might try this topic also.

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