Black Sex Link? Black Australorp? Black Jesery Giant? Help!

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    Dec 31, 2018
    Hello! I traded with my uncle a while back and got 2 hens. He said he ordered them through a hatchery and these girls were Black Sex Link hens.
    20190311_153629.jpg 20190616_184755.jpg
    20190616_184647.jpg 20190616_184725.jpg 20190616_184732.jpg
    A few days ago. I hatched eggs from my flock in my incubator and found three chicks that looked nothing like the Barred Rock chicks I normally hatch out from this flock.

    I recently added 2 New Hampshire Roosters to rule with my Barred Rock Rooster.

    These new chicks were a suprise and I am looking for what breed they are. But the pictures I found that match these chicks are Black Australorp and/or Black Jersey Giants.

    Chicks: 20190615_110513.jpg 1560729828795-1780614104.jpg 15607298640141264398315.jpg 1560729888891-1020024378.jpg

    Each picture has a different chick (3 unknown chicks).

    I am wondering if the hatchery gave my uncle the wrong breed. Or if just breeding some of my chickens hatched out breeds I am not used to.

    Thank you for any help.
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    The black hens are Black Sex Links. When you cross breed chickens the chicks that hatch might look like a pure breed as chicks, but they aren’t that breed just because they look like pure bred chicks.
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    Black sex links

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