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  1. I have about 40 BSL cockerels on hand that I'm tempted to put in a tractor and finish out. However, the last batch of marans & BA roos I finished led me to swear I'd never put that much feed into such a small return again. I'm not expecting CornishX results, but will they fill out fairly well & be reasobably feed efficient while doing so? Thanks, Stephen
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    Mar 16, 2008
    Ok... first I gotta ask... how did you end up with 40 BSL roosters? Yikes! That's a LOT!! I have 2 that my Barred Rock broody hend hatched out. I'm kinda pondering what to do with them myself!

    You could finish them out, but I doubt you'll be overwhelmingly happy with the results. Anticipate it taking at least 12 weeks to get birds that dress out at about 2-3 lbs each.

    I helped a friend process some RIR/PR roos at that age. They tasted good, but there just wasn't enough to them to make it worth it. She let hers run loose and free range, so didn't have much feed invested in them. If you could turn your loose so you had a minimal feed bill and little maintenence you probably wouldn't feel so bad when after all your hard work you only had a skinny little 3 lb rooster to put on the table. [​IMG]

    After helping dress those roos, I was *real* happy about investing in some Freedom Rangers! LOL!!

  3. Actually, these are the last 40 of the year. I took care of at least 90 as they hatched. It's been a VERY good year for chick sales.
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    We processed the two BSL extra roos we had last year and they were about 4 pounds (dressed out) at 12 weeks.
  5. Well, that's less than encouraging news. Sounds as if I'd be headed down the path I swore off of. Thanks for the replies, anyone else care to advise me? Thanks!
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    Of all the birds I've ever hatched and raised, the BSL cockrels outgrow all purebreeds. They tend to be the Alpha roosters since they grow larger, quicker than the others. Definitely get them on broiler ration soon!

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