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May 28, 2015
South Louisiana
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Created by crossing my pure Svart Hona roo with a pair of cuckoo marans X amerucana hens so chicks will be pullets solid black and cockrels barred or with head spot at hatch. Only half dozen available at a time as only one of two hens is laying --more available later, will update post at that time. i will not be able to include extras because they will already be getting old for shipping at that time so the price reflects that (4 days in recomended as best freshness for shipping) and they would be more likely to sustain damage during shipment. Eggs from pullets hatched will be a light brown not the medium brown of the pics as the Hona will lighten the egg color. Eggs will be as clean as possible from the source, unwashed. Fertility is high but sometimes they cant shake back and begin development after too long of a travel. I will package as well as possible, bubble wrapping each egg individually and double boxing the whole deal.

10$ per 6 eggs
20$ shipping and handling

Please dont hesitate to PM me any questions.

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