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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by stevin, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. stevin

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    Sep 11, 2009
    Dartmouth, Ma
    what 2 breeds are used to create a BSL with the reddish/golden feathers around the neck?
    or is that direct result of what happens regardless of which type rooster is used over a barred hen?
    i'm only asking because i've seen pics of BSL that are all black and some with the reddish neck.....

  2. Princess Amri

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    Jul 16, 2009
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    RIR-Barred Rock I think.

    RAREROO Crowing

    Jul 22, 2009
    Alapaha, Ga
    Yep the RIR roo should give you more or less golden feathering, but if you want a whole lot of gold coloring, use a Buff Orp roo like I did, or maybe a black roo if you don't want much reddish coloring.
  4. Tala

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    Mine have buff coloring around the neck because they have a Buff Orp dad.
    I assume the RIR is giving you a red instead of buff.

  5. catdaddyfro

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    Sep 16, 2009
    Vernon Parish
    Quote:Take a look at the sticky at the top of this section under sex-link by tadkerson.

    you can PM Tim your ques. and he'll answer it in the thread.

    You can cross many gold type plumage roos over the BR female and get a BSL type bird.

    From my expriences with crossing a Production Red(RIR) roo x a BR hen ( the same hen and roo combo) was many different colored BSL pullets from solid black to very little black with a lot of reddish/gold feathering in the head, neck, breast, and darn near to the tail.


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