Black sexlinks.

Foghorn Rock

In the Brooder
11 Years
Jun 25, 2008
I was told that black sexlinks are very good layers.I did some looking and found that they are a cross of rir roo and barred rock hens.Just so happens that these are two breeds I have.My question is , are they better layers than their parents?I saw some the other day and thought they were beautiful birds and was planning on trying some when mine get old enough.
Mine is the most unfriendly, meanest, bullying bird I have. She is going into a fry pan soon
My Barred rock is super nice.
They lay just as well as RIR's and BR's, but no better.
I have all 3 of these breeds and I can't tell any difference as far as egg laying is concerned.
I have one black sex link that is a very large bird, she lays well and has a very good personality.
I should get a picture, she is almost all black with streaks of red in her breast.

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