Black Silkie Rooster - sweet and brave (Central Coast, California)

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    Jan 31, 2013
    Sammie needs a new home ...

    Sammie's story:
    A neighbor gave all her chickens away and left poor little Sammie behind all alone and wondering what happened to his girls. I would hear him crowing every morning and would go there to feed and water him so became quite attached to the cute little guy. He stuck around his old hen house and survived out there for about a month with nobody around to look after him. I finally decided to try and blend him into my group (Sussex, Rhode Island Reds and Silkies including two Silkie Roosters one white one black). We built him his own little enclosure in the big run and he settled in OK except for daily spats through the fence with the other roosters - particularly Blackie who looks just like him. Mr White didn't show a lot of interest. Blackie and Mr White were raised together and get along just fine. I let the whole gang out in the afternoons but it's not working out with the 3 boys and Mr White is getting the worst of it. Sooooo for harmony's sake Sammie will need a new home. He's a fine boy about two years old, gentle, holds his ground and attentive to the girls. He'll make someone a wonderful Alpha rooster. I'll post a picture of him soon!

    I just joined this site but will post other bits and pieces about my 30 plus years of chicken adventures, particularly relating to composting and gardening!
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