black silkies

Wish I Did!

Here is a link you might try though: Lots of people breed silkies on the "Silkie Thread"
Those are pretty birds oldtimegator!! Do black silkies get the greenish sheen in thier plumage like other black birds do? I can't recall ever seeing it in any of the black silkie pics and was just wondering?
Take a look at my two black/split lavender chicks I got from Judy at Oldtimegator recently! They are just beautiful! I have them in a large tote in my kitchen floor. They jump up on the side (16"high!) and perch there watching me cook and move around the room. Adorable!

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Yes, it is desirable for the black silkies to have some beetle green sheen on their feathers. It is most noticeable on the hard feathers of their wings, but many of mine also have it on their soft feathers. Some "lines" of black tend to be blacker. I try to purchase and breed the blackest birds I can. My black cock is coal black. You may not see it on juveniles, but by the time they have completely feathered in with their adult feathers, you should be able to see it.

If they are out in the sun a here in Florida...the black can become sunburned and look brownish. When they molt in the fall and their new feathers come in you will see them darken up quite a bit.
I raise black silkies. They are my favorite. In fact, at the Great Falls, MT double show this weekend I took Champion featherleg in both shows with black silkie pullets- each judge chose a different one as champ. The pullets that won are from my Feb hatch of an AmyJo Piehl cock over a hen from Calesta Rieth (both owned by me). For blacks, black on black breeding is the way to go.

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