black silkies?

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    Apr 8, 2013
    I have 2 straight run black silkies (bantam sized) who are about as cute as they can be. I have NO idea if they are roosters or hens. they were hatched in early may. (maybe 15 weeks-ish) I will try and post a few pictures tomorrow but I just wanted to know what kind of clues to look for in these little ones.

    One looks like it has a slightly skinny neck and I keep thinking he/she/it looks more roo-ish. One is a little shorter and fatter (hen-ish) Neither have much of a comb.

    anything else to differentiate these little fluff balls? No crowing and no bad behavior noted. And, I am SURE I will be able to tell if they start laying even though they are in with regular sized chickens (smaller eggs) but the other question is WHEN will I start seeing eggs from the bantie sized chickens?

    I love this place;) so many helpful chicken crazy people... (like me!)

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    Post pictures and make sure you get full body and some good ones of their heads, so you can see the size of their combs. Do they have beards or wattles? (beards are feathers under the lower beak, whereas wattles are the dewlaps of skin that hang beneath a chicken's lower beak). They are usually at least 6 months old when they begin to lay.
  3. I will wait for pics :)
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    You will need to post some pictures.
    But for now I can tell you this. Roosters will sometimes tend to have bigger feet and chunkier legs. Roosters' crest (or poof) will tend to be much smaller than a hen's. roosters will also start to get these long strandy feathers coming out of thier crest called 'streamers'. What else...? Oh! Also, keep a sharp eye out for comb and wattle development and/or reddening.
    Hope that helps!! :)

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