Black Silky Ducks NY and a long story...

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    May 17, 2008
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    I wanted ONE RIR Rooster as a pet. ONE. Then I found out I couldn't have a rooster in my town, so I figured a hen would do. Then I found out I had to get six, but I couldn't find them locally. They I saw pekin ducks...oh, how cute, and decided to buy them from the local Agway, but they were reserved...and that's where I got into "trouble." I bought geese and call ducks.

    I THOUGHT I wanted to raise call ducks and silky ducks. FINALLY got my first pair of silky ducks....but I have fallen in love with my geese. I find that I resent spending the time with my ducks that I could be spending with my geese.

    SO....I am going to sell my newly received, much awaited pair of black silky sucks. They are about two months old and are cute as the devil. They are here on Long Island and I would like to get $100 for the pair. I will try to take photos of them tonight, if possible.

    This is my first step into total goose immersion, though I WILL have a few chickens, of course....
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