Black Sizzle Roo (and maybe a Buff Orpington!) needs a new home near San Diego

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    Aug 4, 2012
    This is Fluff, the pet of my 8-year-old. We hatched him on 4/15/13 and this morning, we discovered she is a he. And since we're not supposed to have chickens at all, a rooster will surely give us away!

    I've been told he's a Sizzle. I know he's a cross between a black silkie and a frizzled bantam cochin, but I know know if matters which breed dad was to call him a true Sizzle. He's got a really really dark green shimmer in the sun. We picked the silkie breed because of the friendliness and funny looks and when this little guy started looking all crazy, we kept him over his smoother hatch-mate. What do you want to bet that was a pullet.

    He's got to go today, so please let me know. I'd rather re-home him here, but I'll have to try craigslist if I don't get a response soon!

    (And I've got a strong suspicion that one of my Buff Orpington's is a roo or a GIANT HEN so I think I'd be willing to send him/her too if you were interested.)



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