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    I have read that black skin is dominant when bred to other colors. How does it work in the next generation. For example, sumatra rooster bred to BBred game hen produces black skin/faced young. If you use one of the roos from that cross and cross it back to game hen will you get 50% black 50% normal? (mendellian dominance) or is it then incomplete dominance? A bunch of black faced birds with red bleeding through?
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    When you say black skin on a Sumatra.... you mean just the face right? Because Sumatras don't have black skin (well mine don't), Silkies do. And sorry I can't answer your question, I hope this wasn't a waste of a post.....
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    Correct, sumatras are supposed to have gypsy face- dark skin only on the head area. Normal skin on rest of body.

    Matt, you got the expected results correctly. However it gets tricky as there are other genes that can affect gypsy and/or (silkie)black skin. If the game hen has Id or has a color that messes with the expression of gypsy face.. it can seem to skew the expected 50-50 ratio.. the 50% half of the birds can get the gene.. but due to Id or ?? it won't get to show up visually.
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