Black spots around eyes and on other red parts

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    Dec 31, 2013
    I have Rhode Island Reds in Hawaii. Three of five have black spots on waddle and head crest. What is it? They seem fine and are eating well, laying well.
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    Usually it's either dry fowl pox, a virus carried by mosquitos, or pecking injuries.

    The good news is, if it is dry fowl pox, they will be immune for life. The dry form usually just goes away on its own in 3 weeks, though the lesions can get a secondary bacterial infection, so a lot of people put a bit of Neosporin or Betaine or something on them. When mine had it, I hit everyone with dilute Betadine once, then ignored it. Use Neosporin on lesions near the eye as it can be used in eyes.

    Wet fowl pox is much more serious. Watch for yellow lesions inside the mouth for this.

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