Black spots on comb *** Pics included

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    Mar 5, 2011
    We have a year old Buff Orpington named Betsy. In the last couple of months, she has developed black spots on her combs. They are little raised bumps. Starting about a month ago, Betsy's behavior was completely different. She always runs away from us, and she started sitting on her eggs more. One of our other Buffs has also been bullying her, and that might be what the bumps are?
    I don't know what she has, if she has any disease, but any information would be appreciated. Thank you!



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  2. She looks like she's been grabbed by the comb. Do you have a rooster? Her comb on the blade has been torn or has she always looked like that?

    I had some issues with little black spots on the comb, just my boys though, and I tried bactine, it helped a little and came back. Then I tried campho phenique, helped even more but then came back.

    Next, I got some stuff called Herbal Solution, you can probably get it at your local feed store. I tried just putting it on the scabs and it didn't help, so I decided that the scabs needed to come off. I picked the scabs off and then applied the herbal solution with a Q-tip and really scrubbed the area. This is when I started seeing results. I actually was able to get rid of these spots. If you have the same thing we had and you let it go, these semi-innocent looking little scabs grow into the comb and get bigger and bigger. I know because my daughter wasn't as diligent as I in caring for her one bird that had them. I needed to do this twice daily but only did it once. It may have taken longer but it didn't take more than daily for perhaps 3 weeks maybe 4? And my boy just had little spots, bigger than yours, maybe about 1/4" in size.
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    If other chickens are picking at her, these are scabs from those fights. They'll heal up fine on their own, or you can put neosporin/triple antibiotic on them (without the additions of pain relief, steriods, etc, just plain neosporin). Look up photos/symptoms of dry pox and compare your chicken's symptoms, I think what you have hers is just battle scabs.
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    It's just peck scabs. As long as they're not bleeding, I leave them alone. Here, I only see it on rooster from their little tiffs.

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