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    This is one of two Rhode Island Red hens that we have with black spots on her comb and wattles. All the hens are 22-weeks old, raised by us on Purina Medicated Start & Grow since they were four days old and laying each day consistently for the last three weeks. We also have a Black Sex-linked hen and Easter Egger that do not have black spots on their comb and wattles. These spots just appeared in the past week, after I changed feed to Purina Layena Crumbles. We tried wiping the spots off with a warm damp cloth and did get some residue on the cloth, but there is no sign of pecking or damage on the comb. What could cause these black spots on the Reds and not the others breeds?
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    Welcome to BYC. I would say that the marks are from pecking by the other chickens, or possibly from an injury on something sharp near the feeders or waterers. It is probably scabbing and dried blood. You will need to sit in the coop or around your chickens and watch for any bullying. Separate any bullies for a few days. Make sure that they have enough room, are getting a little extra protein with a little 24% gamebird or 20% flockraiser feed as a treat. And try to get them outside to range tol prevent boredom.
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    Here is our Rhode Island Red hen five days later with her comb healing just fine. We watched her interaction with the other chickens and noticed our larger Black Sex-Linked hen (the boss hen) did in fact frequently peck this hen who we call Big Red and her sister we call Little Red and both had black spots on their combs. However, we have raised all our hens together since they were four day old, so we know them very well. The boss hen pecks the Rhode Island Reds when they start pecking the Easter-Egger who has always been the most passive. We have added Purina's Flock Bock in the coop, a timer for the single 50 watt lamp and we are enlarging the coop to give each hen 10 square feet of floor space instead of 4 square feet. We also have an outside covered run started, but the weather is very wet and cold now, so it will not be ready until March.
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