Black spots on my Roos comb ?

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    Oct 27, 2009
    Old Town, Florida
    I have 2 roos and 1 hen with some black spots on their combs. Still learning the ropes , but I was wondering if there was any webpage that would have pics so I could look and see what it might be . The Roos are acting fine , eating and drinking okay .... my hen she is eating and drinking fine as well, BUT just 2 days before I seen the spots she was walking around in the pen kinda of making a whining sound . I thought it might because there was a new egg in the box ( I didnt know who laid it ) it was not the egg song , and she has not done it since . Thanks
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    Could be just scabs from getting pecked or possibly frostbite, depending on how cold it is. As long as they are acting fine and not showing any signs of distress, I would not worry about it. But if you would like, you could post a picture of the combs so that we can make sure it's not something serious like Fowl Pox.

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