black spots on roosters...concerning?

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    Hope the new year started good for you
    Now...I was away from my chickens for about 4 days and when we returned, I noticed that two of my roo's seemed to have what looked like mud on their faces. taking a closer look, I noticed it was only on their combs and face, and one of the roo's seems to say in their coop, not wanting to go out and join the rest outdoors. It's black spots, and seems stronger on one side of their faces

    I have read similar posts, and from what I can tell it can be either scabs, or mosquito bites, or an illness. The scabs would make sense, since there are a couple more young roo's and the pecking order does seem to have started, and living in the bay areain CA, I think its unlikely for there to be mosquitos this time of year...and I am not so sure of what to think about the illnesses. What should I do/shouldn't do?

    Any help would be great!! thank you

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    I think it would be better to post pics, it would really help.
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    My guess is that if you have multiple roosters, they have been fighting. This happens in my coop fairly often when they are cooped up for any period of time. It is probably nothing to worry about.
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    sorry, I had tried to post a pic but couldn't get it to work rite.

    and I witnessed that they are squabbling and now I have to cut down on the number of roosters I have since some "hens" turned to roosters.
    Thank you for your help though!

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