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  1. mrstweedy

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    May 6, 2009
    I've got 4 backyard hens. They are banties ranging from black to grey. The grey lays almost white eggs and the other three lay light brown. All are the same age (about 1 year), from same batch, live in the same coop at night, range in the same backyard, etc. Three of them have some BLACK SPOTS ON THEIR COMBS AND WATTLES. It looks a little fungusy, raised a little off the natural red. The largest spots are the size of the end of my pinky and they go down in size from there. We haven't noticed any other symptoms. Is this some kind of fungus, disease, deficiency? I'd appreciate any help on this matter. My children treat these chickens like pets and are handling them througout the day. Obviously, I need to identify this thing!

    Oh yeah, one of the three is keeping one of her eyes closed a lot throughout the day. Thought I'd mention it in case it was related. If not, help me with that, too!
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    do a search on POX > there are lots of threads with photos
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    May 6, 2009
    Thank you. Resultant to your direction to the fowl pox info, I have discovered that our sweet hens have "dry fowl pox." Most of the sites have indicated that there is no known cure for this virus. My daughter (the vet of the family) has been applying oregano (antiviral, antibacterial) to their skin morning and evening. It seems to be helping. If anyone has tried any other home remedies that have worked, let me know. And again, THANK YOU.
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    A couple of mine got it last summer and it went away on it's own very quickly. Didn't affect laying at all.
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