Black spots???

bobby d

9 Years
Mar 10, 2010
My young chickens which are about 6 mos old, are starting to get these black little spots on their combs and waddles. Can anyone tell me what this might be? Doesn't seem to be bothering anyone and my older chickens don't have any black spots. So I don't know if this is just a thing they go thru when their young or if they have a cold or....????
Are they pecking at each other? Maybe it is just scabs from pecking...not sure, maybe a close up pic would help.
I'll go take a pic and post it. It could be fowl pox cause we do have mosquitoes but my older chickens don't have any spots. Do I just let it take it's course or do I need to vaccinate? Let me go take a pic!!
Oie!! Sorry it's a bad pic but with out gettin everyone all goofy in the pen that's the best I could do. He's my nosie roo. I call him Buddy!! You can see a couple of spots on his wattle and close to the back of his beak. So I'm at a loss here!?!

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