Black Stars not laying

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    Mar 9, 2014
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    Hi. This is my second flock of black stars, hatched in early May. Out of 7 girls only 2 seem to have started laying. This is very different than my previous flock who layed an egg a chicken a day pretty much year round the first 2 years. I don't use artificial lights but this was never an issue with the other flock (and no one else was laying before the days shortened). Suggestions?
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    You have gotten really good production out of your first chickens, that can be a hard act to follow. Since egg laying is mostly an inherited factor your new birds won't necessarily lay like your last ones.

    Pullets that mature this time of year tend to mature more slowly, which is actually a good thing as they develop more fully before beginning to lay which can help to avoid troubles down the road.

    The rest of your girls should start soon. I recommend keeping everyone on a non medicated grower for the extra protein for their first year. You didn't mention what you are feeding, switching to layer too soon can slow down the start of lay due to lower protein. Put out a separate bowl of oyster shells for any extra calcium needs for those who are laying.
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    They are only 5 months old. And pullets that mature in the fall take longer to start laying, due to the shorter days. It's still a bit early for you to be worried about production.

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