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    So, I got some more hens to even out my drake to hen ratio. I had 3 rouen hens and 2 drakes and now have added 6 black swedish hens to the flock. They get along great, all play and love their pool and yard. I was curious about these black swedes I bought. They're healthy and active, eating good and quacking alot. I was more concerned about their color. They are black with greenish blue on their wings, 3 have white bibs, 2 have very little white and one is pure black except for the play of color on the wings. They all have a tinge of color play on their heads too. They're about 4 months old, so not full grown yet but do they sound colored right to be full breeds? Or do I have mixed breeds? If they really are swedes I'll seperate them from the rouens next year to maintain the swedish line but if they are mutts I won't worry about it. The breeder said they were black swedish and I don't know anything about that breed compared to the more common rouens, pekins, mallards and muscovies.
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