Black tips to hens comb?

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  1. laurarose

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    So yesterday I noticed that one of my pekin hens has black tips on her comb. We have had cold weather here recently but I don't think it would have been cold enough to cause frostbite, or maybe I'm wrong?

    Any thoughts much appreciated :)
  2. Suzie

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    Jul 9, 2009
    It does sound like frostbite...a cold wind can cause frostbite, as can humidity in the cold weather I apply vaseline to the combs of my Roosters and any that have large combs..wattles and feet can also be affected by frostbite.

    If she has any blisters appearing do not pop them...they are protecting the flesh underneath...
  3. Lady Badlands

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    Nov 5, 2009
    Every winter, even though my chickens are in a somewhat warm coop, both my roosters get some black scabbing on their combs. I've tried putting neosporin on it (which is just vaseline with some medication), it's always too late and I have found it impossible to put it on preventatively. What happens is that the black part falls off and the comb reshapes itself. It has never been a problem as far as long term damage. If you can put something on the comb, then great.

    Check your coop to see if there are areas where cold air can get in. Your chicken might be roosting near that opening (it could be just a pinhole). We use pieces of cardboard box cut to size for those small openings. Those patches really work well.
  4. laurarose

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    Thanks for the help, I've used Vaseline on the combs and wattles of all the chickens in that coop and will do some draft fixing this weekend.
    Thanks again, much appreciated!

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