Black white egg laying bird with enormous comb?


10 Years
Oct 4, 2009
I'm sorry I don't have a pic but I got some mixed hatching eggs and the black white egg laying birds were supposed to be Australorps. I saw them and they most definitely were not, someone lied to the poor guy. I'm just curious what breed it is because I like to be able to tell people as accurately as I can what breeds they are getting from me.

So, the bird was somewhat small but tall, slate legs if I recall correctly, white earlobes and white eggs, HUGE comb, I have never seen one so big before. I'm not even sure what that kind of comb is called but Absolutely Large would be a good name for it. I recall some kind of red thing on its face (not wattles).

Any ideas??
Maybe a Black Minorca? That's a white layer.

From Welp:

Definitely a minorca! And I didn't know anything about Australorps, I just knew that there wasn't one!! Thanks!
I bought 1 roo and 2 hens that were supposed to be blk aussies and they turned out to be blk minorcas too they lay perfect white eggs and alot of them I wished I had bought more of them. My roo is very attentive to all my hens and is very good at watching the sky for predators. I have 60 eggs in the incubator and 12 are from my blk minorcas cant wait to see how the chicks look.
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