Black/white/mottles Javas


6 Years
Dec 13, 2013
N. Illinois
Hi all-

Every spring we get 30-100 java chicks from a children's museum that hatches them out weekly. They, in turn, get their eggs from the Museum of Science and Industry (I believe I got that right). Does anyone have or hear of much interest in this breed?

I have done a bit of research on them and learned that they're a rare breed, and I especially like that they were developed in this country. The hens are great layers, and roosters are large, beautiful, and for the most part, docile. They are great birds for the table, as well. I usually keep back some pullets and rehome the rest, and butcher what roosters I don't keep (there is typically only one lucky one per year!).

My question is: as they are seemingly a rare breed, and listed as "critically endangered" on the Livestock registry list, is there worth trying to breed them myself? Most people I tell have never heard of the breed! With all the birds we receive it seems a waste not to try to conserve them if I have the resources? I just need the interest in fellow chicken lovers so they will have homes! Thoughts are much appreciated!


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